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Gehn.20 Has Been Released

Portrait de Doobes

After working behind the scenes during a live Google Hangout, the Guild of Writers has released version 20 of Gehn Shard!  This update has quite a few nice fixes and additions, including:

  • Add chat history browsing.
  • Add text shadows to the KI.
  • Buff the floors in Vothol Gallery.
  • Fix chat fade bug.
  • Fix crash related to other players uploading things to imagers.
  • Fix floating kickables/slave cave problems.
  • Fix missing Relto books.
  • Fix moar memory leaks.
  • Fix player deletion nuking client sessions.
  • Fix potential server crash when receiving bad data from clients.
  • Fix problem with sending KI mail containing naughty words to imagers.
  • Update the Nexus software to present a book to a new Guild of Messenger's Pub.
  • Splat transforms.

For those that already have the shard installed, simply run the game as normal and let it download and update.

If you haven't installed Gehn and would like to do so, you can find out how at this link.

To visit the new Guild of Messengers' Pub, simply grab a GoMe shirt in Kirel.  There will be a link in your Nexus.  Note that this method works because the new Pub replaces the old one.

Congratulations to the Guild for another fantastic release!

Translation Note: The Anglais version of this content is being displayed because the Français translation is unavailable.

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